About Us

What is Paint the Town Blue?

Paint the Town Blue is a global initiative that sheds light on the number one killer of young children: pneumonia. Sponsored by the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia and the Best Shot Foundation, landmarks across the U.S. will turn blue on World Pneumonia Day, Monday November 12, to highlight pneumonia awareness and prevention.

What is World Pneumonia Day?

Taking place on November 12, World Pneumonia Day is an annual global event that promotes and sponsors effective efforts to treat and prevent pneumonia.

What is the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia?

The Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia is an alliance of over 140 organizations – including Save the Children, the United Nations Foundation, UNICEF, and the Best Shot Foundation – that is dedicated to saving young lives through pneumonia awareness initiatives.

What is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an upper respiratory lung infection that causes coughing, fever, and difficulty breathing, among other symptoms. Although it is easy to prevent and relatively simple to cure in the developed world, it is often a death sentence for children living in poor nations. In fact, pneumonia is the leading killer of young children, taking more lives than HIV/AIDS, measles, and malaria combined. Many Americans don’t realize that vaccines and antibiotics– literally life-saving tools– can keep vulnerable kids alive. But as it stands, pneumonia kills over 1.5 million children every year before their fifth birthdays.

What is the Best Shot Foundation?

The Best Shot Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses global awareness and political engagement on childhood pneumonia. Our mission and our work is motivated by the belief that increased public commitment will drive increased health resource allocation. The following facts guide our efforts:

  1. It’s inexcusable for even a single child to die needlessly.
  2. Pneumonia is huge– it kills more kids around the world than any other disease (according to UNICEF, pneumonia is deadlier than malaria, measles, and HIV/AIDS combined).
  3. Practical solutions such as inexpensive vaccines and antibiotics would save half of these young lives.
  4. You can do something simple and effective to help save these children right now.

We hope that you will join us in this worldwide effort to light up children’s lives.